Aubry Ramsey Photography

formerly known as Pass The Sugar Photography 


Seeing the world through the lens of a camera, opens itself up to possibilities not seen with the naked eye.


There is something so rewarding about showing people how beautiful...or handsome they truly are.......through the view of my lens and essentially, the rest of the world.  The best feeling is when a client sees a picture of themself and says "Wow, that is so ME and I love it!".  I want to embrace YOU and all that makes YOU unique. To say that pictures have power, is an understatement.  When a Senior sees the beauty, the strength, that others see in them, it becomes empowering and I absolutely LOVE getting to be the one who delivers that to them.  


The first time I  picked up a camera, with artistic intentions (wink wink), was when my oldest was born.  I wanted to capture every thing from his gorgeous blue eyes to his white blonde hair and all the way down to his little piggy toes.  I quickly became obsessed and began reading every thing I could get my hands on that involved photography.  15+ years later, here I am.  I currently live in Round Rock, TX and have a house full of boys.  Yes, that includes my amazing husband who is the biggest kid of them all.


I can't wait to work with you and start telling the story of YOU......and what a beautiful story it will be!!! 


"Images are EVERYTHING!  They allow you to freeze a spectacular moment in time so that you may cherish and share it forever"